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Dutchess County-Poughkeepsie Land Bank to Hold Community Input Session February 26, 2024

Please join us to learn about your local land bank and provide input on ways the land bank can help address housing issues in our community.

Monday, February 26th 2024 7PM

Beulah Baptist Church

92 Catharine St, Poughkeepsie

If you are unable to attend we invite you to take our 5 minute survey

The newly formed Dutchess County-Poughkeepsie Land Bank, with its commitment to fostering community engagement and empowerment, is actively seeking community input throughout the process of shaping its programs and policies. Recognizing that the needs and aspirations of local residents are at the heart of effective land management, the Land Bank seeks to undertake a comprehensive effort to ensure that the voices and perspectives of the community are heard and valued. This inclusive approach will involve hosting town hall meetings, conducting surveys, and engaging in dialogue with community members, as well as collaborating with local organizations and stakeholders. By involving the community in the decision-making process, the Land Bank hopes to ensure that its programs and policies reflect the genuine desires and concerns of the people it serves, ultimately working towards a more equitable and sustainable future for the entire community.

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